Successful Thinking Skills

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Alamo’s AdvantEdge workshop provides people with pow­erful processes to more effectively manage the issues that continually confront individuals. AdvantEdge focuses on getting people to ask the right questions and focus their thinking. The work­shop offers a valuable set of tools to comple­ment and enhance basic quality/continuous improvement techniques.

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Through this training, organizations can expect their people to:

  • Apply facts, measurement, and differing perspectives in developing solutions, making decisions, and preventing problems from occurring.
  • Focus energy and resources on important issues by clearly defining priorities and developing action plans.
  • Pinpoint the root cause of any problem through a fact-based, proven process and establish corrective action.
  • Develop decisions and recommendations that emphasize criteria and results, versus opinions and emotion.
  • Prepare for and prevent potential problems in order to take preventive action, as well as take advantage of future opportunities.
  • Develop skills to help colleagues and teams address various business issues and concerns.
  • Coordinate, communicate, and collaborate more effectively through clear, consistent approaches to root cause analysis, decision making, and problem prevention.