Successful Thinking Skills

Mastering Innovation Creativity

The Need for Innovation

The ability to innovate has never been more important to business success than it is today.  Rapid change and ever increasing competition mean a company must be prepared to continually improve productivity, develop new products, and meet shifting customer demands.

Improvement efforts require creativ­ity moving past tried and true solutions to find really new ways of doing things. But creativity alone is not enough: new ideas must address real needs and they must be implemented.

Alamo’s Mastering Innovation and Creativity workshop provides the skills and understanding necessary to tap into an organization’s creative abilities and develop usable ideas for products, processes, and practices. Mastering Innovation and Creativity enables people to use both analytical techniques and creativity - increasing the innovative output for an organi­zation.

Alamol Learning Systems


Through the Mastering Innovation and Creativity workshop, teams and individuals learn to:

  • Recognize their own potential for “high performance” innovation and creativity.
  • Remove the barriers that limit innovation and learn how to think “outside-the-box” in the workplace.
  • Understand and apply different innovative idea generation techniques.
  • Organize their innovative ideas and sell them to their peers/managers.
  • Implement a step-by-step process to transform their innovative ideas into practical and business-focused solutions.
  • Execute innovations for improving company competitiveness, client relationships, and overall organizational excellence.